What’s So Great About The 2018 Jeep Wrangler?

The Jeep Wrangler has a long history in the United States, dating back to WW2. The original Willys Jeep was a 60-horsepower engine with 105 foot-pounds of torque. Shortly after the war, the Civilian Jeep was released. Since then, only four generations of Jeep have been released. Throughout the Wrangler’s history, Jeep has kept a lot unchanged. With the fourth generation, released earlier this year, Jeep has stepped up the game and introduced us to a whole new set of options and upgrades for the JL (4th) generation. 

So, what else is new for the Wrangler this year? Jeep has made LED headlights an option. All of the wranglers will feature LED running lights in the fender with an LED turn signal. When the LED headlights are chosen as an option, they feature a light up circle around the headlights. If you’ve noticed that there is something different about this model’s grille, you’re right. Jeep has removed their signature emblem from above the grille. The grille on the Jeep is iconic and the branding is no longer needed on the front of the car. There are still badges and emblems around the sides of the vehicle, still clearly stating it’s 4x4 Trail Rated emblem. Moving along to the sides of the vehicle, Jeep has added a small indentation near the side fenders to allow for a better air flow around the vehicle. By doing this, the interior ride and sound of the car is much more comfortable as it allows for less wind noise inside the cabin of the vehicle. 

There are a few notable features added to the back of the new generation. The brake lights are housed in plastic that may seem to stick out a bit from the body of the vehicle. This has been done to allow for a new feature to the Wrangler- Blind Spot Monitor. The placement allows for a completely clear view for this optional safety system. On the very back of the Wrangler, the third brake light has been made adjustable. Jeep knows that its customer love to customize and swap out the tire. By making this brake light adjustable, it is easier for consumers to swap out the rear tire without having to purchase an aftermarket third brake light option. The back-up camera itself is hidden cleverly in the middle of the rear tire. It’s easy to remove the tire as Jeep has included all of the tools you need to do so. The back-up camera is covered in steel to protect it while the rear tire is removed and a new one is put on. 

The technology available in this generation is much more advanced than what we’ve seen in the past from Jeep. There are side air bags, now standard in all Wranglers. Jeep has added available parking sensors, blind spot monitors, and rear cross traffic alert. There will be no forward collision warning, automatic braking, or automatic wipers. Throughout the history of Jeep, its windshield has had the capability to rest open on top of the hood. This tradition has continued and in doing so, has not allowed for these safety features to be present. The infotainment has received a bit of an upgrade as well- it’s now based off of the same user interface we’ve all grown to love- drag and drop technology. All of your favorite apps and icons will not be able to stay in the bottom of the screen so there is no more searching for your favorite apps. 

This generation’s Jeep comes in three trim packages with various options including 2-door or 4-door, manual or automatic transmissions, 3.6L v6 engine or a 2L 4 cylinder. The v6 engine remains the same as the previous Wrangler however, this one has been redesigned for a more improved fuel economy. It features an Aisin AL6 six-speed manual transmission as it’s standard equipment with an optional 850RE Torqueflite eight-speed automatic transmission. This 6-cylinder engine boasts 285 horsepower and 260 pounds-foot torque while the 4-cylinder engine features a mild hybrid system, eTorque for an improved fuel economy and off-road performance, and produces 270hp and 295 foot-pounds of torque. 

The trim options available for the jeep include Sport/Sport S, Sahara, and Rubicon. The Sport/Sport S is the base model Wrangler complete with push-button start, manual windows, cloth seats and seventeen-inch steel wheels. For this trim, there is single-zone manual air condition, optional for both the 2-door and 4-door models. The Sport S adds a few more features including power door locks, power windows, keyless entry, air conditioning, and 17in. allow wheels. With the Sport S, there is an optional “Cold Weather Group” package that adds heated front seats and steering wheel. 

The Sahara is Jeep’s luxury level of the Wrangler’s interior configurations. The Sahara is only available in a 4-door options. This trim level is equipped with 18 in aluminum-alloy wheels, grey accents, colored fender flares, optional LED front head lights, and premium cloth seats. There are touch sensors located on all door handles with Remote Proximity Keyless Entry options. If you’d like a bit more luxury, there are additional options available including Keyless Enter-n-Go. 

The Rubicon is the highest trim package available. This trim is the most capable  off-road Wrangler featuring additional equipment to allow for such ruggedness. It’s ground clearance measures 10.8 inches with the standard wheels and a water fording depth of 30 inches. The Rubicon trim level is outfitted with the Rock-Trac system with an enhanced transfer case, front sway bar disconnect system, and hydraulic rebound stop. It features 17 in aluminum allow wheels and 33 inch off-road tires. 

Jeep Wranglers have seen little changes over the years but, the most impressive changes have occurred in this new generation. The only way to see for yourself how you feel about it is to come and take a ride in one with one of our experienced product specialists. We look forward to showing all that Jeep has to offer. 

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