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  • Kristina Melendy
    General Sales Manager

    Have you seen my little Rocky (pitbull), he is so tiny and so cute. You need to listen to him snort!

  • Harry Palmer
    Sales Manager

    Occasionally refers to himself as Harry Potter. He is our local magician so please ask him to make you a balloon animal. 

    Our resident Jets fan so please don't ask him how the season is going....

  • William Helicher
    Sales Manager

    No he didn't play basketball as a pro and its a bit cloudy up there with a chance of meatballs.

  • Lauren Johnson
    Sales Manager

    Is it Starbucks tea time yet? Or more importantly have you seen how cute my little puppy is? Seriously, have you? Let me show you, it doesn't matter that you have seen him 50 times today already. Oh and what is for lunch today? Where are we ordering from? And here is my puppy again....all he wants to do is chew on my pencil despite his 50 toys.

  • Jeremiah Hupka
    Sales Manager

    Never really has a day off as he takes care of his farm with alpacas, chickens, pigs, and a few other animals.

  • Arisbell "BELLE" Mateo
    Product Specialist

    Bell, almost like a Gong only louder. I may or may not be Google famous, well at least on our Google page.

    You will generally finding me with a big red bow ready to take your picture in your new vehicle.

  • Ed Reardon
    Finance Manager

    I am from Brooklyn but am a HUGE Philadelphia fan. Please don't mention the Yankees at all.

  • Brandon Helicher
    Product Specialist

  • Eric Leshin
    Product Specialist

    I still wear a Giants football jersey with Shockey on the back.

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Product Specialist

    Have you seen this yacht yet? Check it out!!!!


  • Tom Bailey
    Inventory Manager

    Hi, my name is Tom. 

    Hi, my name is Tom.

  • Danielle Mackey
    Finance Assistant

  • Victoria Pritsker
    Guest Experience Representative

  • Marisa Carlin
    Guest Experience Representative

    Did you know my mom makes delicious brownies? Well she does and Jeremiah ate most of them.

  • Rob Varone
    Guest Experience Representative

  • Andrew Boccasino
    Delivery & Lot Specialist

  • Justin Cifone
    Delivery & Lot Specialist