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Sometimes you want something a little special. Maybe you want a tan interior for your cherry red two door Wrangler. Maybe you want raw steel, removable doors. Maybe you just can't find the exact right Jeep for you. We at Freehold Jeep want to help ensure you get the Jeep of your dreams.

Our senior staff have set aside time each day to dedicate to building your custom Jeep.

Jerimiah Hupka and Harry Palmer have over 35 years of experience building Jeeps. They've been building Jeeps with cassette decks. They've been building Jeeps since the trail cloth fabric seats with high backs were an option. They've been building Jeeps since the 4-cylinder Wrangler YJ's received an automatic transmission variation. What we're trying to say is Jeremiah and Harry have been creating custom Jeeps for a long time and their experience helps each and every custom find the exact right Jeep.

Freehold Jeep allows you to select from the entire lineup of new Jeep vehicles - you choose your trim, color, rims, wheels, audio system, heated seats, cooled seats, and available packages, select a warranty, apply for financing, request a credit check and more. Even delivery is available, so you can have your new Jeep delivered.

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